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Missing Voters Project

Stoicism Ideology Research Initiative

The Pathak-Wieten Stoicism Ideology Scale (PW-SIS) is a new, theoretically coherent, multi-dimensional scalewhich measures stoic beliefs and sense of self along 4 domains: Stoic Taciturnity, Stoic Endurance, Stoic Serenity, and Stoic Death Indifference. The PW-SIS contains 12 items and demonstrates good psychometric properties and content validity in a large sample of educated adults.


The PW-SIS measures the degree to which adults endorse a philosophy of stoicism and expect a stoic response from themselves when faced with emotionality, adversity, and the possibility of death. This scale was developed to incorporate both historical versions of stoicism from classical philosophy texts, and modern manifestations of stoicism in everyday society.


Download our free open-access article here:

Pathak EB, Wieten SE, Wheldon CW. Stoic beliefs and health: development and preliminary validation of the Pathak-Wieten Stoicism Ideology Scale BMJ Open 2017;7:e015137. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2016-015137

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