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COVID-19 Social Justice Resources

Impacts of COVID-19 on Ethnic Minority, Indigenous, and Low-Income Communities
Compiled by Dr. Beverly Ward (Ascending, by date)

Urban residents in states hit hard by COVID-19 most likely to see it as a threat to daily life, Bradley Jones, 20 Mar 2020, Pew Research Center Fact Tank,

Native American Tribes Face Critical Shortages of COVID-19 Test Kits, Protective Gear, Cecily Hilleary, Voice of America (VOA), 21 Mar 2020,

Hispanics more likely than Americans overall to see coronavirus as a major threat to health and finances. Jens Manuel Krogstad, Ana Gonzalez-Barrera, and Mark Hugo Lopez, Pew Research Center Fact Tank, 24 Mar 2020,

Native Americans Fight Multiple COVID-19 Crises. N. Jamiyla Chisholm, 30 Mar 2020, Colorlines,

Native American Communities And COVID-19: How Foundations Can Help, Heidi A. Schultz, Health Affairs Blog, 31 Mar 2020,

Why Don’t We Know Who the Coronavirus Victims Are? Ibram X. Kendi, The Atlantic, 1 Apr 2020,

U.S. Latinos among hardest hit by pay cuts, job losses due to coronavirus. Jens Manuel Krogstad, Ana Gonzalez-Barrera and Luis Noe-Bustamante, Pew Research Center Fact Tank, 3 Apr 2020,

Indian Country faces higher risks, lack of resources in COVID-19 fight, Stephanie Ebbs and Cheyenne Haslett, ABC News, 3 Apr 2020,

College Made Them Feel Equal. The Virus Exposed How Unequal Their Lives Are. Nicholas Casey, The New York Times, 4 Apr 2020,

‘Staying Away From Grandma’ Isn’t An Option In Multigenerational Homes. Cara Anthony, Kaiser Health News, 6 Apr 2020,

What the Racial Data Show. Ibram X. Kendi, The Atlantic, 6 Apr 2020,

Impacts of Covid-19 on Ethnic Minority, Indigenous, and Low-Income Communities Why some people of color say they won't wear homemade masks. Fernando Alfonso III, CNN, 7 Apr 2020,

Hospitalization Rates and Characteristics of Patients Hospitalized with Laboratory-Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 — COVID-NET, 14 States, March 1–30, 2020. Shikha Garg, Lindsay Kim, Michael Whitaker, et alia, Centers for Disease Control Prevention Morbidity Mortality Weekly Report, 8 Ap 2020,

'It's a racial justice issue': Black Americans are dying in greater numbers from Covid-19, Kenya Evelyn, The Guardian, 8 Apr 2020,

Millennials Are Getting Stung by Back-to-Back Global Crises. Catherine Bosley, Max Reyes, and Jeff Green, Bloomberg, 8 Apr 2020,

Millions of low-income Americans are at risk of missing out on stimulus payments. Katie Lobosco, CNN, 8 Apr 2020,

Pollution made COVID-19 worse. Now, lockdowns are clearing the air. Beth Gardiner, National Geographic, 8 Apr 2020,

Public transit's death spiral. Kim Hart, Axios, 8 Apr 2020,

Black and Hispanic Americans Suffer Disproportionate Coronavirus Infections. Jordan Davidson, Eco Watch, 9 Apr 2020,

'A disastrous situation': mountains of food wasted as coronavirus scrambles supply chain. Susie Cagle, The Guardian, 9 Apr 2020,

The inequality virus: how the pandemic hit America's poorest, Chris McGreal, The Guardian, 9 Apr 2020,

Opinion: Coronavirus is not some great leveller: it is exacerbating inequality right now. Owen Jones, The Guardian, 9 Apr 2020,

Who gets hospitalized for Covid-19? Report shows differences by race and sex. Elizabeth Cooney, STAT, 9 Apr 2020,

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