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Art in the Time of COVID-19

40 Rubber Gloves

40 Minute Walk

Brooklyn NY 3/30/2020

Sound: David Hamburger  Images: Susan Hamburger

     One of the unfortunate side effects of the novel corona virus has been the widespread use of and improper disposal of vinyl and latex gloves on city streets. This was especially ironic as legislation had been passed to end the use of plastic bags in New York City on March 1 because of the environmental hazard they pose. It was remarkable to see the streets and gutters littered with black, blue and white protective gloves, along with the odd surgical mask along with the resurgent use of the plastic bag. This video is a response to this phenomenon and a reminder that in the midst of the pandemic, which has become top of mind and top of news, legislation to roll back environmental regulations, both federal and local, persists. Susan Hamburger

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