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Missing Voters Project 2016 Methods

The MVP voting data are from a special supplement to the Current Population Survey, administered in November 2016 immediately following the election. Population counts and percentages in this report are statistically-weighted estimates derived by the Bureau of the Census from a national sample of over 90,000 respondents in 54,000 households.

You can access the original 2016 voting participation data tables published by the Bureau of the Census here. These files are in Microsoft Excel format.

The Technical Documentation for the 2016 Voting and Registration File is a 207-page document which provides detailed information about the Current Population Survey, including statistical sampling, population weighting, variable definitions, and margins of error. You can view and download the PDF file here.

A Note on Race and Hispanic Ethnicity

The categories and labels we use in the Missing Voters Project reports correspond to the categories used by the Bureau of the Census in the Current Population Survey.

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