Missing Voter Project: Labor Action Network

The MVP: Labor Action Network is a non-partisan network of union members and workers who plan to conduct service projects in their own local communities to increase voting participation in the 2020 elections. 


We recommend a 3-step approach to conducting a Missing Voters Labor Action Service Project:

  • Step One: Educate your own members and community about worker voting participation in your state or region. Why don't workers vote in your state or region?

  • Step Two: Discuss, organize, and prioritize internally. Which groups of missing voters, or reasons for not voting, do your members care about the most and want to tackle?

  • Step Three: Plan a service project that targets missing voters in your local community, and carry it out before or on November 3, 2020 (election day!)


On this page, MVP: LAN members will find links resources to help them get involved and make a difference in their local communities.

  • Education and information materials including reports, fact sheets, posters, powerpoint presentations, and speaker guides.

  • Internal organizing and discussion guides to help prioritization and planning.

  • An online forum for labor activists to communicate and share directly with others across the country.

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